Of flowers, fun & Bloody Words

 In an Artist’s Garden She had a little paint brush She dipped it in some blue Then put it to the canvas And a sky came into view.   She swished it out And dipped again This time in crimson red And drew a figure crookedly That obviously was dead.   To green, she moved, […]

For the love of dirt…

Not only are we fed up with winter, we’re fed up with hearing everyone say they’re fed up with winter. So that’s it. The ‘W’ word is now stricken from my blogcabulary until at least November. Now, on to a much sexier topic – garden porn. Are you lusting over a landscape reno; yearning to […]

Amaryllis Prop(p)er

Tip of the mornin’ to you, green thumbs…. time to recycle those old paint stir sticks. Sturdy and straight, they are perfect for ‘prop’ogation. And remember to turn your tall plants, such as the Amaryllis, often. Like all of us, they will lean towards the sun at every opportunity. This beauty had fallen over from a bent stalk, now she’s […]