Dressing for Dinner – Downton Style

Enjoy an excerpt from my latest Design Feature story “Dressed for Dinner” in the new Winter issue of ARABELLA Magazine http://www.arabelladesign.com/Dining_Rooms_Winter2013.htm Channel your inner Downton Abbey, as we tour a most auspicious array of dining rooms in this ARABELLA exclusive. From posh to rustic, penthouse luxe to period correct, discover the secrets of successful decor and design that […]

Artist Michael Cheval: ‘How Absurd!’

Artist Michael Cheval: ‘How Absurd!’ Curiouser and curiouser… I recently had the pleasure of writing about the extraordinary artistic talent of Michael Cheval, for the Harvest 2013 issue of Arabella Magazine. Viewing Cheval’s work is akin to tumbling down the rabbit hole, where – as Alice experienced – nothing is quite like it seems. Intriguingly complex, often provocative, there is […]