Amaryllis Prop(p)er

ImageImageImageImageImageTip of the mornin’ to you, green thumbs…. time to recycle those old paint stir sticks. Sturdy and straight, they are perfect for ‘prop’ogation. And remember to turn your tall plants, such as the Amaryllis, often. Like all of us, they will lean towards the sun at every opportunity. This beauty had fallen over from a bent stalk, now she’s standing up to be counted. 1-2-3-4 !

If you’re really trendy, consider matching the stick shade to your décor… Benjamin Moore’s 2014 Colour of the Year “Breath of Fresh Air”  would be a perfect choice!


Artist Michael Cheval: ‘How Absurd!’

Artist Michael Cheval: ‘How Absurd!’

Curiouser and curiouser… I recently had the pleasure of writing about the extraordinary artistic talent of Michael Cheval, for the Harvest 2013 issue of Arabella Magazine. Viewing Cheval’s work is akin to tumbling down the rabbit hole, where – as Alice experienced – nothing is quite like it seems. Intriguingly complex, often provocative, there is always a puzzle to be pondered. n.b. The gorgeous portrait painting of Gina Lollobrigida will take your breath away.

Breaking Up Is Hard To Do.

-30s windchill brrrr 006ImageImageImageSo, the love affair between Mother Nature and Old Man Winter continues with passion. And while  far from steamy and sultry, the feverish chemistry has indeed proven scandalous – polarizing the  headlines with its lustful pursuits.

Ice, baby, ice… we are powerless to stop it. Frigid against its sadistic beauty and domination. How long must we endure the bitter with the sleet?  It’s a slippery slope beneath it all, and breaking up is hard to do.

How Ensuite It Is!


How Ensuite It Is!

Beat the polar blues in a soaker tub of warm, inviting bubbles or star in your own steamy shower scene… My latest decorating feature article In ARABELLA Magazine highlights a bevy of bathroom beauties, by the designers at Decorating Den Interiors, to take away that winter chill in style. Check it out!

Loving the day job :)

page_158Loving the day job 🙂

The latest issue of ARABELLA Magazine – Harvest 2013 – just came out and it’s hands down my favourite so far.

As Assistant Editor I have the rare opportunity for in-depth, heart to heart and often humorous interviews with many of the artists whose profiles I write, and this time I made new friends in the process.  It’s a treat to hear first-hand stories of how and why these gifted creators do what they do – each person’s artwork unique in style and substance, yet, their values and inspiration are often surprisingly similar. I’m struck by the threads of advice that connect and resonate among artists, musicians and writers, alike. Kindred creative spirits with the same highs and lows; frustrations and successes.

This issue I also penned a design piece for Decorating Den called ‘How EnSuite It Is!’ waxing eloquent on the many incarnations of the not-so-basic bath, the loo,  master ensuite, powder room, call it what you will … I’d sip champagne in these surroundings anytime!

And these are just my contributions – there are a wealth of other superbly written art, architecture & design stories to soak up and images that will set your imagination afire.

On the ARABELLA  website, , it’s my job to create the teasers you see below each feature story image on the home page. Condensing every 1500 – 2000 word article into a 75 word summary is actually tougher than it would seem, but it’s important to get you, the reader, inspired to read on and then, of course, purchase a copy of the magazine. I know of no other publication of this exceptional quality and original content (404 pages!) that you can buy for $14.95 per copy. Digital subscriptions are even less. This is one guilty pleasure you can afford 4 times a year.

So even though I might sit here in my tired old sweats, plucking my hair out by the individual strand and growling at the monitor, the dog, the Y & R blaring from the next room – more information than I ever wanted to know about the sex life of Nicki & Victor (shudder) – when it comes right down to it, I’m at my best and happiest when writing. Doing what I do best and, yes, smiling when I see the finished product in all its awesomeness.

Whether you’re  new to ARABELLA, or a seasoned fan, please feel free to post your comments, questions and suggestions or email me. I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Now, back to work  on the next issue. With 4 Artist to Collect profiles on tap already, including a super special feature that I’m just chuffed to be writing, it’s a busy time ahead.

And still many, many after-hour NaNoWriMo miles to go before I sleep…


An auspicious day

gardens and gutters 204Where were you when…?

On this day in 2001, a tragedy of global proportions was visited on New York City. For some it hit home on the most personal of levels, for others, we experienced it through mass media, and relive it every year to some extent through anniversary tributes to the fallen and their families. The horror will never diminish, the shock value of live archival footage is always just a click away. It often seems the human preoccupation with death by disaster far exceeds the pleasure of a ‘feel good’ news story. Indeed those are few and far between. Evil excites & stimulates; happy calms the waters; shock & awe sells. At least there is solace in knowing that a wee amount of good outshines even the darkest deed. And don’t forget – those dates that live in infamy, also mark occasions that give us a joyful reason to celebrate. Bitter with the sweet,  Especially in my family!

April 15 – Mom’s Birthday     Titanic

Sept 11 – my Sis’s Birthday       9/11

Nov 22 – my Birthday             JFK

Today, a friend told me it was 4 years ago yesterday that he underwent quadruple heart bypass surgery. He said he will always remember Sept. 11 as the first day of his new life. Silver linings lurk & linger behind every cloud…