January, thief of souls

We make our resolutions, breathe sighs of commitment and contentment. At the stroke of midnight, all will be well. As long as we close our eyes and ears and tech toys to the realities of life on this earthly planet. Not possible, don’t even try. Indeed, this year of the monkey, 2016, has opened with January […]

Sing a Song of Spring

APRIL LULLABY Speak softly, gentle cedars, a lullaby to the winged children. Those who presume to haunt your privet boughs, nestled in cradles of sticks and straw. Those who thieve the spice and sunshine from your leafy limbs to feed their tiny souls. Those who braved the perils of snow with feathered fortitude and those […]

Simply Wild: Tom Savage lovingly interprets nature as art.

With a nod to nature, natives and the spiritual universe, Chatham, Ontario artist Tom Savage, depicts life in the natural landscape from a unique perspective. Untamed. Poignant. Thought-provoking. His signature images of wildlife at home on the tundra appear pleasingly simple at a glance, yet closer study reveals inspired complexities of construction and much more in play than at first meets the eye. You […]

Confession: I DO love my BlackBerry!

Confession. I’ve had my BlackBerry Curve phone since January 2013 and, for me, it’s perfect. I love the tactile pleasure of running my fingertips over the raised Qwerty keys; the intimate screen size that isn’t visible at a glance to over-the-shoulder browsers sneaking a peek. This little feel-good gem gives me everything I need and nothing […]

Of flowers, fun & Bloody Words

 In an Artist’s Garden She had a little paint brush She dipped it in some blue Then put it to the canvas And a sky came into view.   She swished it out And dipped again This time in crimson red And drew a figure crookedly That obviously was dead.   To green, she moved, […]

For the love of dirt…

Not only are we fed up with winter, we’re fed up with hearing everyone say they’re fed up with winter. So that’s it. The ‘W’ word is now stricken from my blogcabulary until at least November. Now, on to a much sexier topic – garden porn. Are you lusting over a landscape reno; yearning to […]

Grin & ‘Bear’ It!

Surprise! Today in southwestern Ontario, we awoke to another bout of swirling snow. A persistent winter monologue droning on and on. Blah, blah, blah… Collectively speaking, I’m coining it “a monotony of snow,” ranking right up there with a slither of snakes in popularity. It’s hard to ramp up the enthusiasm to take pics. Yippee, another beautiful little goldfinch in the snow. One more shot of […]


Feel like I’ve ‘dyed’ and gone to heaven! Yesterday, I made a spur of the moment decision, with the nudging of some very encouraging salonettes, to wash that grey, downtrodden, despairing soul right out of my hair. After a lifetime of trying to please ‘the others,’ I finally did something just for me. How selfish is that! You […]

Dressing for Dinner – Downton Style

Enjoy an excerpt from my latest Design Feature story “Dressed for Dinner” in the new Winter issue of ARABELLA Magazine http://www.arabelladesign.com/Dining_Rooms_Winter2013.htm Channel your inner Downton Abbey, as we tour a most auspicious array of dining rooms in this ARABELLA exclusive. From posh to rustic, penthouse luxe to period correct, discover the secrets of successful decor and design that […]