Sing a Song of Spring


snow fun 037 - Copy

Speak softly, gentle cedars,

a lullaby to the winged children.


Those who presume to

haunt your privet boughs, nestled in

cradles of sticks and straw.

feb 1 snow day 002

Those who thieve the

spice and sunshine

from your leafy limbs to feed

their tiny souls.

finches 014

Those who braved the perils of snow

with feathered fortitude

and those who return only now,

when the season is warm

and ripe to fill the nest.

cedar waxwings 016

Scarlet robes and plain janes,

poets who whisper in the sighing wind

and sentinels who scream at dawn.

blue jays 007

jan 3 storm 022

Hushed be the melody

and tender the sway of branches

that soothes these innocents in your keep,

dipping paws in the mist 061

as April joins the chorus.

april 20 2013 018Great White Egrets 197

end of april 178finches 026


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