Confession: I DO love my BlackBerry!

Confession. I’ve had my BlackBerry Curve phone since January 2013 and, for me, it’s perfect. I love the tactile pleasure of running my fingertips over the raised Qwerty keys; the intimate screen size that isn’t visible at a glance to over-the-shoulder browsers sneaking a peek. This little feel-good gem gives me everything I need and nothing I don’t.

Honestly, in all this time I’ve only had two mildly irritating issues come up – both of which I learned to simply ignore. The first is not BB-centric. It’s the result of accepting someone else’s old phone number when you sign up for your new phone. Happens to many of us, regardless of the phone make or model.

In my case, the previous owner “John Smith” (not), seems to have disappeared leaving behind a slew of unpaid creditors. I’ve never met him, never heard of him, but as long as I’ve had this phone (number), the calls have been coming in like clockwork. You’d think after my initial screaming fits, weeks of pleading with companies to delete my number from their files and their agreeing to do so, followed by months of my not responding at all, they’d get the point. Nope. You almost have to admire their futile persistence…

Then, there’s issue number two. The camera. I’m a bit of a photography nut, self-taught, with a knack for knocking out some pretty good pics on occasion. Also, being a writer, the convenience of a camera phone is great for documenting images, when the go-to Fuji isn’t at hand.

I have to say, I’ve never been really ‘enamoured’ with the quality from my BB cam. It wasn’t bad in the beginning, but recently it’s gotten worse and worse, to the point where every image is in a blur – like a watercolour painting – very frustrating when I see the money shots everyone else is snapping with their ‘other’ phones. Lately, I’ve actually complained  aloud that “I love my BlackBerry but the camera sucks” and avoided taking pictures when I REALLY wanted to capture the moment.

Today, while waiting for Mom at her dental appointment, I wandered to the edge of the parking lot and, through the trees, spied the gorgeous Grand River – racing along turbulent, swollen and muddy after the recent rainstorm. Wish I had my camera, I thought. Oh, what the hell, I’ll use the phone, it’ll just make it look muddier.

Click… garbled grey haze. Lovely.



Maybe the lens is dirty, I thought. Really? After 18 months, this is the first time you thought to check?

Hmmm… Take off the pretty blue protective case, blow on the lens ‘eye’, rub it against your sleeve, now, PEEL OFF that wee piece of plastic with the coloured tab. Oh shit.

Take another photo.



Smile with absolute glee. Then look for the nearest rock to crawl under, whilst apologizing to the world for being an utter fool.

I DO love my BlackBerry!

Confession, it’s good for the soul 😉


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