Of flowers, fun & Bloody Words

splash of red

 In an Artist’s Garden

She had a little paint brush

She dipped it in some blue

Then put it to the canvas

And a sky came into view.


She swished it out

And dipped again

This time in crimson red

And drew a figure crookedly

That obviously was dead.


To green, she moved, inspired now

To see what might become.

Why look – the artist mocks the corpse

Each has a verdant thumb.


The brush daubs quickly to and fro

A garden it creates

Of peonies, hollyhocks and such

Oh what a pretty place.


And now the body’s hidden by shrubs

Hydrangea blushing pink

She prays for rain to wash the stain

And cause them bones to sink.      LLS


Bloody Words is Canada’s oldest and largest gathering of mystery readers and authors. Founded in 1999, the conference has become the June event for people who enjoy genre conventions. Alas, this year’s event – June 6 to 8 in Toronto – marks the last of its kind. We intend to see it out with due hoopla and a bloody good time!!  http://2014.bloodywords.com/

bloody words scenebloody words scene 2


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