Grin & ‘Bear’ It!



Today in southwestern Ontario, we awoke to another bout of swirling snow. A persistent winter monologue droning on and on. Blah, blah, blah… Collectively speaking, I’m coining it “a monotony of snow,” ranking right up there with a slither of snakes in popularity.

polar bear 002

It’s hard to ramp up the enthusiasm to take pics. Yippee, another beautiful little goldfinch in the snow. One more shot of the adorable dog – sprinkled with white – and bored out of his canine mind. What seemed a beautiful, pristine winter landscape at Christmas is now just cold and mostly colourless. Yawwwwwnnnnn…


Wait a sec. What’s this? Company on the back deck?

polar bear 003

A polar bear?! I kid you not !
This marvellous guy (or gal) is truly a work of nature. No helping hands involved.

polar bear 004

Imagine that! I must have been snow blind not to see him there… stretched out big as life… right outside the back door.


2 thoughts on “Grin & ‘Bear’ It!

  1. Lovely!!
    My new consolation about all the snow is this: “At least it’s not dirty grey slush!” And – “It makes the sun seem even brighter! How long do you think that little consolation will last, though? (smile)

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