Amaryllis Prop(p)er

ImageImageImageImageImageTip of the mornin’ to you, green thumbs…. time to recycle those old paint stir sticks. Sturdy and straight, they are perfect for ‘prop’ogation. And remember to turn your tall plants, such as the Amaryllis, often. Like all of us, they will lean towards the sun at every opportunity. This beauty had fallen over from a bent stalk, now she’s standing up to be counted. 1-2-3-4 !

If you’re really trendy, consider matching the stick shade to your décor… Benjamin Moore’s 2014 Colour of the Year “Breath of Fresh Air”  would be a perfect choice!


5 thoughts on “Amaryllis Prop(p)er

  1. I’m such an idiot. I never thought to prop them up! I just leaned mine against the window. The blooms came around Christmas and after they died off, I decided to keep it in an effort to see if it would regrow. It lay dormant forever, but when the long, warm days of Spring hit, it sprouted four new leaves! Now they’re racing each other to see which one reaches the ceiling first, but no blooms yet. I have no green thumbs, so like all of my plants, I have to treat it like an experiment. Otherwise I’ll be sad when they die off. Your’s looks fantastic! Is it still blooming?

    • The blooms actually lasted for another couple of weeks on this beauty, after which I left it in the east-facing sunny window where the leaves continued to grow. At the first of July, I took it out to the deck, watered it sparingly and let the rain do its thing. The leaves have now stretched to more than 24″. Whenever I find time in the next week, I’ll trim the leaves back to the bulb, remove it from the dirt and let it dry out completely, before putting it in a paper bag in the basement until fall. Hopefully, the blooms will eventually come back when I replant, water and bring it back to the sunlight at the end of October. If not, Amaryllis bulbs are not an overly expensive purchase and definitely worth every penny in the gorgeous colour and enjoyment they add to our winter. Best of luck with your growing pains !! 😀

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