Grin & ‘Bear’ It!

Surprise! Today in southwestern Ontario, we awoke to another bout of swirling snow. A persistent winter monologue droning on and on. Blah, blah, blah… Collectively speaking, I’m coining it “a monotony of snow,” ranking right up there with a slither of snakes in popularity. It’s hard to ramp up the enthusiasm to take pics. Yippee, another beautiful little goldfinch in the snow. One more shot of […]


Feel like I’ve ‘dyed’ and gone to heaven! Yesterday, I made a spur of the moment decision, with the nudging of some very encouraging salonettes, to wash that grey, downtrodden, despairing soul right out of my hair. After a lifetime of trying to please ‘the others,’ I finally did something just for me. How selfish is that! You […]

Dressing for Dinner – Downton Style

Enjoy an excerpt from my latest Design Feature story “Dressed for Dinner” in the new Winter issue of ARABELLA Magazine Channel your inner Downton Abbey, as we tour a most auspicious array of dining rooms in this ARABELLA exclusive. From posh to rustic, penthouse luxe to period correct, discover the secrets of successful decor and design that […]

Amaryllis Prop(p)er

Tip of the mornin’ to you, green thumbs…. time to recycle those old paint stir sticks. Sturdy and straight, they are perfect for ‘prop’ogation. And remember to turn your tall plants, such as the Amaryllis, often. Like all of us, they will lean towards the sun at every opportunity. This beauty had fallen over from a bent stalk, now she’s […]